About us

Our Football Insurance covers career-ending injuries, safeguarding professional players against the financial impact of unexpected accidents, whether on the pitch or off. Protect your career and ensure financial stability, regardless of its length or the challenges you may face. We are the longest serving business partners of the PFA and our insurance policy is the only one to be recommended and endorsed by the PFA.


    Football Insurance Policy Benefits


    International and worldwide coverage from Pro Secure.

    24 Hour Cover

    Round the clock coverage 24 hours per day.

    5% of sum insured to a maximum of GBP 100,000 if diagnosed with Mental Illness

    GBP 75,000 paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia and total severance of limb(s)

    GBP 30,000 re-training (only applicable if Underwriters have paid a valid claim)

    GBP 10,000 benefit for loss of hearing

    GBP 10,000 benefit for loss of speech

    GBP 750 per week coma benefit (max of 100 weeks)

    GBP 10,000 funeral expenses benefit

    GBP 600 (each 24 hour period) hijack benefit

    We provide the PFA with a Mandatory Career Ending Injury Insurance scheme for all its members (approx 5000) which insures each player for £25,000.00

    - This cover is FREE to any player who is under contract at one of the 92 clubs in the four divisions.

    - We have provided this cover to the PFA for the last 20 years and have a proven claims history.

    - The PFA Awarded us a new 5 year deal to provide this type of insurance to its members.

    - We insure individual players for in excess of £40m.